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Holding Fee: This is payable when your application is accepted by the landlord. This fee will be deducted from your start of tenancy payment  £500 (inc VAT)
Administration Fee per applicant: £180 (inc VAT)
Company Administration Fee: £350 (inc VAT)
Guarantor Fee: £60 (inc VAT)
Check out Fee: (depending on size of property) see below £70 - £125 + VAT
Tenancy Agreement update
(if changes are required to the agreement due to change of share etc)
£102 (inc VAT)
Renewal (where new fixed term agreement required) £102 (inc VAT)
Early Re-Let Fee
£150(inc VAT)
Pet Fee: (non-refundable to cover owner for pet-related problems E.g. fleas) £150 inc VAT)
Dilapidation deposit: 1.5 times one month’s rent

Check Out Fee:

Unfurnished 1 bedroom property: £75 Furnished 1 bedroom property: £80
Unfurnished 2 bedroom property: £80 Furnished 2 bedroom property: £90
Unfurnished 3 bedroom property: £85 Furnished 3 bedroom property: £100
Unfurnished 4 bedroom property: £95 Furnished 4 bedroom property: £110
Unfurnished 5 bedroom property: £110         Furnished 5 bedroom property: £130

Please note VAT may be charged to these prices in the future at the prevailing rate.