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All you need when renting a property

When you are looking for a new home, choosing the right lettings agent is just as important. At Bush Lettings we will help you make the right decision by arranging viewings at a time to suit you.

From the very start you will know what fees you will pay and we will help you with insurance too. We strongly recommend your own belongings are insured. Your landlord will only insure the building and their own contents. We can put you in touch with a broker who specialises in Tenant Insurance Policies.

Your deposit is held by us and is fully protected by The Tenancy Deposit Scheme. When you leave provided everything is in order, your deposit will be returned to you promptly.

Once you have picked your new home we will guide you through the formalities as we make referencing checks and prepare you for the day you move in. So, if you’ve found the home you are looking for then send us an e-mail, give us a call or pop in to our office and let’s get started!

Here, you can download the Tenant Application Form which also gives you more information about fees but if there are any other questions, then please get in touch.


Bush Tenant Application Form


Full Reference Application Form


Full Reference Guarantor Form